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The power to build a strong and recognizable brand for our region lies in the hands of each of us - the business leaders of the community. Find logos and images of The Shires of Vermont here!

We are pleased to offer a selection of logos for you to download.

The Shires of Vermont logo

2 Color Logo - download as either:


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Grayscale Logo - download as either:


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Black and White Logo - download as either:


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The Shires Byway Sign

Byway Logo 5 Color - download as either:


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Byway Logo Grayscale - download as either:


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Byway Logo Black and White - download as either:


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Will Moses Painting

The Shires painting by Will Moses

"The Shires" painting by Will Moses: Please feel free to use this image for publicity relating to the Shires of Vermont with the following credit notation: The Shires © Will Moses, 2009.

(note: this image is the copyrighted property of Will Moses and is for use for The Shires of Vermont publicity only - All other rights are reserved.)

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The Shires of Vermont logo